Welcome to the site about Tranquebar - the old Danish colony and trade place in the South Indian state Tamil Nadu.

In Tranquebar, which is on the Coromandel Coast in the Bay of Bengal, we find a lot of buildings worthy of preservation. They are all built throughout the years 1620 - 1845.

Our chief purpose is to preserve the fortification with the Fort Dansborg, which to-day is a museum.

March 2002: Commissioner of Archaeology Dr. R. Kannan, I.A.S., Chennai, gives 4 Danish promoters a permission to restore the Fort Dansborg.
July 2002: Inauguration of 1. part of the restoration work. The Danish flag Dannebrog waves side by side with the Indian flag on the top of the old church tower of Fort Dansborg. The Indian Government makes Fort Dansborg to a national monument and grants money to the remaining restoration work which will be done by the Dept. of Archaeology, State of Tamil Nadu.
February 2003: The new Commissioner of Archaeology mr. Ashok Vardhan Shetty, I.A.S., Chennai, gives a permission to the total arrangement inside Fort Dansborg - The Governors residence and the museum etc. This work is entrusted to the 4 promoters and The Tranquebar Association.
August 2003: Dept. of Archaeology has started the restoration work of the Fort Dansborg and the fortification. The work will be finished in about one year.
October 2003: Members of The Tranquebar Association buy a house in Queen Street, Tranquebar.
March 2004: Commissioner of Tourism, Chennai, gives a permission to renovate the beautiful old building The Danish Governors Residence. The permission is given to the 4 promoters and The Tranquebar Association.
The Bishop of C.S.I. - Dr. D. James Srinivasan - gives a permission to renovate the New Street Cemetery.
October 2004: Fort Dansborg is restored totally.
February 2005: Inauguration of 1. part of the restoring work - new wall around "The Old Danish Cemetery" in New Street. A permission was given to plant in front of the entrance.
Restoring The Danish Governors Residence will start under the management of our co-operator The Danish National Museum.
August 2005: District Collector Dr. J. Radhakrishnan, I.A.S., Nagapattinam, gives The Tranquebar Association permission to a coastal protection north of the Fort Dansborg.  The Danish Bestseller Foundation has a project with plants south of the Fort Dansborg.
The permission is for both projects.
November 2005: The Danish National Museum in co-operation with The Bestseller Foundation and The Tranquebar Association will start the renovation of the historical grave memories on "The Old Danish Cemetery" in New Street. The work will start in January-February 2006.
January 2006: The renovation of the grave memories in New Street Churchyard will start on January 16th 2006.
February 2006: The coastal protection has started late in February - stones between Gold Smith Street and the Masallimanathar Temple.
June 2006: The first part of the coastal protection project has finished primo the month of July when granite stones are laid out to the northern bastion - the Bastion of Zealand. The Bestseller Fund plant protection is ready for start because the plants are ready for planting.
October 2006: The Bestseller Fund plant protection has started in the presence of local authorities and Danish TV.
January 2007: The Danish National Museum makes an archaeological research of the moat around Fort Dansborg - this interesting work is done in co-operation with with ASI-people in Tamil Nadu. Permission is given by Commissioner of Archaeology Dr Sitharam Gurumurthi IAS, Chennai, and the project is prepared to start on January 16th.
February 2007: The Tranquebar Association makes a pilot study of the bottom of the sea in front of Fort Dansborg. The project is a 2-days diving project done by JD-Contractor ApS, Denmark, together with KEI-RSOS Maritime Ltd., Tamil Nadu. Permission is given by District Collector T. S. Jawahar, I.A.S., Nagapattinam. The project is planned to be done in the middle of February.
CSI-Bishop D. James Srinivasan has accepted a letter from the association about continuing the renovation of  New Street Churchyard - and also how the tourists are able to go to the cemetery.
March 2007: The Danish National Museum: The archaeological research of the moat around Fort Dansborg is failed then a signature from ASI never has come. See the message of January 2007.

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